Friday, September 3, 2010

Need some more Schwartzman

Gosh we love us some Jason Schwartzmen! Season 1 of his show Bored to Death was simply spectacular.
New season premieres September 26!! Who's excited!? Shall we take a look back at some of our fave quotes?
Yes. Lets.

Jonathan: Ray, thank you for saving my life. I’ll wait for you here by this tree.
Ray: “Okay, thank you Boo Radley.
Jonathan: I can’t help it. I still like the way pot makes me think. Maybe it’s healthy!
Suzanne: Pot is not healthy
Jonathan: They give it to cancer patients
Suzanne: You don’t have cancer.
Jonathan: Not yet.
Ray: I don't wake up at 11AM and go teach art.
Jonathan: And if you did teach, it would be steady income.
Ray: Don't be disgusting.
Jonathan: I'm like a Russian doll. There's all these versions of me in me.
Ray: When I'm with her, I'm going to eat vegan, but when I'm not with her,
I'm going to eat like an American.
Jonathan: Oh my God, what the hell happened to your lip? You were stung by a bee?
George: Yes. A bee with herpes.
Jonathan: God, that's the biggest herpes blister I've ever seen in my life.
George: Thank you. I'm very proud of it.

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